Legendary Detroit Red Wings player Gordie Howe, actor William Shatner and game show host Howie Mandel have new stars on Canada's Walk of Fame.

Cracked and chipped stars belonging to Howe, known as Mr. Hockey, and Shatner, famous for playing Captain Kirk in the popular Star Trek series, were replaced on the walk outside Roy Thomson Hall yesterday morning.

Mandel, host of TV’s Deal Or No Deal was inducted back in 2009 but his stone wasn't put in until yesterday.

Since Shatner and Howe couldn’t make it to Toronto for a reinstallation ceremony, their new red granite plaques were set into the sidewalk by three city workers without a lot of fanfare.

Howe's son Marty said in an email that it's great the damaged star has been replaced.

News of the damaged stars prompted hundreds of people to contact Walk of Fame and city officials, demanding they be replaced. Some even offered to foot the bill, said Walk president Peter Soumalias.

Soumalias said he hopes Shatner and Howe can return to Toronto in the spring to celebrate their new plaques, which were ordered in September.

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