Halifax’s aspiring artists planned to hold a unique demonstration overnight Thursday to protest
potential budget cuts at NSCAD University.


Students held an “all night studio-in” on all three campuses to show their opposition to shutting down 24-hour access to the school. The university’s board of governors could discuss the matter at their meeting April 30.


“NSCAD students rely on round-the-clock studio access for the use of specialized equipment to complete their academic requirements,” the school’s student union said in a news release. The school will close from 11:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. “if these controversial budget cuts are passed.”


Student union president Emily Davidson said Thursday those cuts could amount to $145,000, or less than one per cent of the university’s total costs.


She said the cost chopping could also result in reduced library hours and remove vital student jobs. For many students, she said, those minimum wage jobs mean the difference between attending school or dropping out.

University spokeswoman Linda Hutchison confirmed Thursday the university is “considering various options for cost-saving,” but said it’s “premature” to say what areas are at risk.

Hutchison said administrators are listening to students, adding their concerns will be taken into consideration when making cuts.

Davidson said more than 250 students have signed a petition to make their case stronger.