Elaine Williams could hardly express her gratitude for the gift of 20 computers for the Mulgrave Park Resource Centre.

“It’s just wonderful, wonderful,” she said. “Kids are not going to have to wait no more.”

The computers are from the Nova Scotia Community College Institute of Technology campus.

“We had several courses that moved over to the Waterfront campus, so they left a surplus behind as well some of the older machines won’t support the software we’re running,” said Marie Dutka of NSCC.

The computers are between five and seven years old but still in great shape, she added.

Williams said before yesterday, the Mulgrave lab had four working computers and three “with issues.” Students are tutored there twice a week and the lab is open for students and adults.

“I was in there this morning and there were three people looking for jobs,” said Const. Ian Burke, community resource officer for North End Halifax.

Williams said computers are crucial for high school students because most of their homework is done online.

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