Nova Scotia Power plans to get leaner and greener over the next few years.

In a report filed with the province’s Utility and Review Board this week, NSP predicts that the demand on the electrical grid will drop by about 1.5 per cent per year as Nova Scotia moves toward more sustainable energy sources and people continue to conserve power in their homes and offices.

According to NSP spokesman David Rodenhiser, the company will also continue moving toward more eco-friendly power generation. On Monday, provincial regulators gave the final stamp of approval to NSP’s plan to build a $120-million wind farm on Nuttby Mountain near Truro.


“The (report) recommends the addition of more renewable energy in the province, developing new wind generation and assessing the sustainability of biomass energy sources,” Rodenhiser said.

Despite the eco-friendly investments, Nova Scotia still gets 75 per cent of its electrical energy from coal, and none of NSP’s four coal-fired plants are expected to close.

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