An instructor leads a Zumba dance and exercise class.The Washington Post/Getty Images

A police official spent $60,000 on setting up a Zumba dance studio in police headquarters, according to a published report.


Deputy Commissioner of Personnel Michael Julian turned an old printing room in the basement of One Police Plaza into an exercise and dance space, fitting it out with workout mats and flat screen televisions, the New York Post reported.


When Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was given a tour of the studio he said, “That’s not what I wanted!” and ordered Julian to remove the equipment and shut down the room, according to the Post.


Julian has a history of unusual proposals. He has suggested arming police officers with baby oil to separate protesters who link arms, and ordered 10,000 breath mints to distribute to cops to prevent them using foul language.


“He would come up with these wacky ideas. We would roll our eyes and move on,” a police source told the Post.