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Journalists surround Mayor Larry O’Brien as he leaves the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Kanata yesterday. O’Brien was booked on bribery-related charges.

Amidst a crush of cameras and media, Mayor Larry O’Brien attended the Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Kanata yesterday to be processed on two criminal influence-peddling charges.

O’Brien arrived at the detachment in a Mercedes-Benz, which he drove himself, at around 10 a.m. yesterday. He spent about 20 minutes inside the station and spoke briefly to media before leaving.

He joked that he felt like “a rock star” due to the media attention, and thanked everyone for their support. When asked how he felt after being processed for the criminal charges, he said it wasn’t a comfortable feeling.

OPP Constable Eric Booth said he couldn’t comment on O’Brien’s attendance at the police station, but said that “for some criminal offences, people are required to attend the police station for identification purposes,” including fingerprinting and photographing.

The 58-year-old mayor faces charges alleging that he tried to persuade opponent Terry Kilrea to drop out of the mayoral race in 2006. O’Brien denies any wrongdoing.

O’Brien’s first court date is scheduled for tomorrow, but he will not be appearing in person.

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