Larry O’Brien has good reasons to want to hold onto his post as mayor, but if he chooses not to, he can walk away with an impressive list of accomplishments, political commentators said.

O’Brien will make an announcement relating to his political future this morning. His decision to run or not is something he has kept close to his chest.

“His decision will be framed by if he believes that he’s accomplished what he wanted to accomplish in one term in council,” said Walter Robinson, a principal with Tactix Government Relations and Public Affairs, who served as O’Brien’s first chief of staff.

Getting approval on Lansdowne Park and the new light rail plan and seeing the convention centre rebuilt are strong arguments to say that’s great work for one term, said Robinson.

Municipal politics blogger Blake Batson, who ran for council in the 2006 election, predicted O’Brien will launch a re-election campaign to see those projects to completion.

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