President Barack Obama gives a speech at the Gran Teatro in Havana, Cuba on March 22,Reuters

U.S. President BarackObamadeclared on Tuesday thathehad come to Havana to “burythelastremnant” of theColdWarin theAmericas ashespoke directly to theCuban people in a historic speech broadcast throughout theisland nation.


Speaking at Havana’s Grand Theater with Cuban President Raul Castro in attendance in what White House officials touted as a crowning moment ofObama’s visit,Obamasaidhewas there to “extend a hand of friendship.”


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Obama’s address marked thefinal day of his trip, thefirst by a U.S. president to Cuba in 88 years. His presence in Havana was theculmination of a diplomatic opening thatheand Castro announced in December 2014, ending decades of estrangement between Washington and Havana.