British Columbia has the lowest obesity rates in Canada, according to a University of B.C. study.

Based on a analysis of data from 28 previously released studies, assistant professor Jennifer Black, with the UBC faculty of land and food systems, concluded that higher obesity rates are reported in Canada’s eastern provinces, rural areas and northern aboriginal communities than in the Lower Mainland.

“It appears that men in Vancouver have the lowest obesity rates in the nation. For women, the lowest obesity rates are in Richmond,” said Black.

Before her time at UBC, Black studied the differences in obesity rates among New York City’s neighbourhoods, where she found obesity rates are not randomly distributed.

“Not only are we looking at socio-economic issues, but also a person’s attitudes and behaviours about eating, cooking and body weight, and how people are influenced by where they live.”

Black, who recently had her findings published in the American Journal of Epidemology, is working with a colleague on developing a Canadian nutrition database.

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