The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has fined OC Transpo $5,000 for failing to call out major and requested stops on all of its routes.

The city was served with the penalty notice yesterday morning, and is requesting the evidence from the CTA in order to conduct its own investigation.

According to a city spokesperson, OC Transpo could appeal the penalty, but will decide on a next step following the investigation.

The CTA had given OC Transpo 20 days to conform to a November 2007 decision that a failure to call out stops was an undue obstacle to transportation for persons with a disability, in this case, persons with visual impairments.

An investigation this summer found instances where drivers are still failing to call out stops.

The CTA plans to continue monitoring OC Transpo drivers.

A second offence could result in a penalty of $12,500 and a third would be $25,000, the spokesperson said.

“We trust that OC Transpo will ensure that major and requested stops are called out and join the ranks of other service providers who have helped make Canada’s transportation system accessible to persons with disabilities,” said Geoff Hare, chairman and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency.

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