On Monday, OC Transpo put on its website that you can now mail in your December bus pass for a full refund by Feb. 28.

I can’t keep track of the number of times they have changed the rules that transit riders have had to abide by to get the refunds.

It must be frustrating for anybody who had stood in line for hours to get a refund this past weekend, only to realize now that they could have just spent money on a stamp and saved all the hassle.

The front line people working at the OC Transpo office have been great. In the lineup, they were asking people whether they want a refund or an exchange (December for March) instead of trying to pass on the idea that the $32.40 (60 per cent off) is a great deal.

Shame on city council for trying to fool the transit monthly pass holders!

It is almost as if the councillors didn’t think transit users had suffered enough during the last 54 days.

They are making the citizens of this city — the vulnerable, the people who are working two jobs just to make ends meet, students who could use the time better to study — waste their time and energy standing in line so that they can return the December pass and buy the March pass.

Somehow, the mayor and councillors think they can balance the books by making us stand in line.

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