Right on schedule, the small group of Occupy Wall Street protesters who set out to march to the capitol has arrived in Washington, D.C.

The group, called Occupy the Highway, joined the Occupy D.C. movement today, where they will conduct a joint general assembly, before moving the National Mall for a "temporary occupation," according to a press release from Occupy Wall Street.

Marchers left Zuccotti Park in New York City on November 9 with a goal of reaching D.C. by November 22. They visited other Occupy movements and set up camp in towns along their route during the two-week march, where they walked about 20 miles per day. The plan was to get to D.C. to hold a rally against tax breaks for the wealthy ahead of a meeting by the super committee, which has failed to reach a deal on reducing the deficit.

"The so-called super committee was a failure from the beginning. It was an attempt to do something undemocratic. Thankfully it didn't work," said Michael Glazer, an organizer of Occupy the Highway. "No one has the courage to stand up inside our corrupt political system and fight for regular Americans. So, we will continue to take a stand outside the system."


After this afternoon's general assembly, Occupy the Highway will march to Freedom Plaza and then to the Capitol steps, where protesters plan to discuss the "failure of the U.S. government to be accountable to its people."

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