Odjig to make impression on city

<p>Even if her name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve likely seen her work.</p>


Museum unveils 95-work exhibit of aboriginal artist

Even if her name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve likely seen her work.


In a rare opportunity to see 40 years of Daphne Odjig’s work under one roof, the Canadian Museum of Civilization unveiled an exhibition by the trailblazing aboriginal artist yesterday.


“Daphne Odjig is one of the most respected artists — and not just aboriginal artists — in Canada,” said Lee-Ann Martin, the curator of contemporary Canadian Aboriginal Art at the museum. “There wouldn’t be the same respect for aboriginal art without Daphne. This is a marvelous opportunity to look at 40 years of her printmaking.”


A 95-work exhibit, Four Decades of Prints was previously in Kamloops and Winnipeg and will be at the Museum of Civilization through April 20. But visitors to the Gatineau museum will get a benefit others won’t: Using Odjig’s quotes and video excerpts of her speaking. The museum has added information to give visitors a better understanding of her work.

“Odjig was determined to market and distribute her work so that people would have a better understanding of aboriginal art,” Martin said.

The exhibit complements another happening concurrently at the museum. In My Lifetime: Contemporary Aboriginal Art offers a look at the works of younger contemporary artists, some influenced by Odjig.


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