A Toronto woman who said cupcakes and a stuffed animal are her only links to a gang has been deported to Chile.

Carla Campana, 24, was put on a plane to Santiago Tuesday night, her lawyer Jeffry House said.

Campana, who does not have a criminal record, is accused of being a member of the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation, also known as the Latin Kings.

Toronto police allege the local chapter has been involved in firearms crimes, drugs and aggravated assault. But Campana insists she thought the group’s goal was to promote the advancement of Latin women and she didn’t know about the group’s alleged illegal activities.

She said baking cupcakes to fundraise for a new mom, and giving the baby a teddy bear is the extent of her involvement in the group.

Her lawyer has said she was a “probationary” member, and left after being told her role was to “sexually service” the men in the group.

She had been in custody since October of last year.

In July, an adjudicator at the Immigration and Refugee Board found Campana to be a member of a criminal organization.

A deportation order was subsequently issued.