Step 1: Balance with your feet hip-width apart and parallel. Tilt your pelvis forward slightly. Let your arms hang loosely.



Step 2: Exhale as you tuck in your chin and bend your knees slightly. Tuck your chin so your neck lengthens, and your arms dangle. Curl down as far as you comfortably can. Relax as if you were a rag doll.

Step 3: Inhale as you roll up, bending the knees slightly to rise, and keeping your chin tucked in. Use only the muscles of your back to lift up your trunk. Stand straight, feel the opening in your spine and breathe into it.

  • Use these simple weekly yoga postures to help you create a better day. Just a few minutes throughout your workday will make a big difference! As you start each stretch remember to take nice deep breaths and be aware of your body.

  • As you go through these postures, remember safety comes first. You might feel uncomfortable, which is natural, pain, however, is not OK. It is your body telling you to stop.

Helen Goldstein is director/owner of The Yoga Studio in Toronto. For more about yoga at your workplace, please contact 416.322.9936 ext. 2001 or e-mail