Step 1: Stand 8-10 inches away from the wall, feet hip width apart with your back pressing into the wall.


Step 2: Begin to slide your back down the wall by bending your knees. Make sure your buttocks stay above the knees.

Step 3: Stop when you feel like you are sitting down comfortably, keep pressing your back into the wall. Inhale as you slide down a little more and then hold your breath as long as you can. Inhale as you slide back up by pressing your back into the wall. Feel like you are being pulled back into the wall by a magnet behind you. Hold these positions as long as you can. Repeat 3 times.

  • Do you have sore shoulders, wrists that ache, neck pain, or just general stress? Use these simple weekly yoga postures to help you create a better day. Just a few minutes throughout your workday will make a big difference!

  • Remember safety come first.

Helen Goldstein is the former director/owner of The Yoga Studio in Toronto. For corporate and private classes please contact her at

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