Step 1: Stand with your feet hip width apart.


Step 2: Lift your arms up to shoulder height. Cross your right arm over your left at the crook of your elbow.

Step 3: Cross your arms at the wrists. Bring your palms together.

Step 4: Lift your heels up off the ground as you bend your knees slightly.

Step 5: Cross your right leg over your left leg. Stay in this posture for a breath or two. Relax your shoulders. Slowly come out of the posture.

  • Do you have sore shoulders, wrists that ache, neck pain, or just general stress? Use these simple weekly yoga postures to help you create a better day. Just a few minutes throughout your workday will make a big difference! As you start each stretch remember to take nice deep breaths.

  • As you go through these postures, remember safety come first. You might feel uncomfortable, which is natural, pain, however, is not OK. It is your body telling you to stop.

Helen Goldstein is the former director/owner of The Yoga Studio in Toronto. For corporate and private classes please contact her at

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