The young men had just finished cutting a client’s lawn and were walking home with their equipment when an OPP car pulled up beside them.

According to a statement of claim filed yesterday in Brampton small claims court, that’s when things went wrong.

“Where did you steal that from?” the officer, Pablo Perriera, asked Kyle Scheibe and his assistant, the claim says.

Scheibe, who is 19, said he was running a small landscaping business and that the equipment belonged to his father, Ron Scheibe. He also provided the address of the job he had just finished and showed the officer a flyer as proof of their business.

Standing beside him was his assistant, Zarik Furmanov, a 20-year-old with Tourette’s syndrome.

Furmanov’s nose was bleeding — his condition causes him to involuntarily punch himself — but according to the claim the officer implied he had been taking illicit drugs.

Perriera, according to the statement of claim, checked serial numbers before confiscating the lawn mower, weed trimmer, shovel, gas can and screw driver. While Scheibe walked home, Perriera handcuffed Furmanov and put him in the cruiser. He drove to the client’s home and “advised them that the plaintiff had been using stolen property while caring for their lawn,” according to the lawsuit.

Perriera then went to Scheibe’s home, released Furmanov, taunted them and threw the screwdriver on the driveway, stating, “That’s all you get,” the lawsuit says.

After returning to his car, Perriera used the cruiser’s loudspeaker to call the pair “retards” and said “he (officer Perriera) would be using the lawn mower on his own lawn tonight,” the statement says.

Ron Scheibe later went to the Bolton OPP detachment after hearing the tale. “I had to beg to get my own equipment back and they still weren’t going to give it back to me,” he said.

The lawsuit seeks $25,000 in damages and names the Ontario Provincial Police and Perriera.

The OPP has declined to comment on the lawsuit.