A Peel police officer has been charged with beating a suspect in 2003, an attack that one court has already determined he lied to cover up.

The province’s Special Investigations Unit has charged Const. Will Vander Wier with aggravated assault in the March 2003 attack on Quang Hoang Tran, then in custody in connection with a robbery investigation.

Vander Wier was investigated by the SIU that year, but was cleared of any wrongdoing.

But in a statement issued yesterday, SIU director Ian Scott said it reopened its investigation after the Ontario Court of Appeal last month condemned the “horrendous” conduct of two Peel officers who beat Tran, who was a suspect in a string of Mississauga home invasions.

Testimony revealed Tran was attacked in a police interview room and left with a broken jaw and a permanent disability.

“Regardless of whether the officers abused Tran to obtain a confession or for some other reason, the essential fact is that they beat him up,” Justice Gloria Epstein said in a decision released late last month.

“Their conduct was despicable.”