While under internal investigation, one of Toronto’s highest-ranking police officers denied possessing a service-issued laptop and allegedly tried to delete files from the hard drive, a disciplinary tribunal was told yesterday.

However, no evidence was called against Staff Insp. Steve Izzett after adjudicator Keith Hoilett granted a week adjournment, although not the six-week postponement sought by lawyer Won Kim.

Kim told the retired judge he has been “overwhelmed” with disclosure that continues to pour in and includes more than 180,000 pages, dozens of transcripts and audio recordings of more than 50 witnesses.

“What’s at stake today is the reputation of my client,” Kim said. “He is here today unshaken and unstirred from his conviction that he will clear his name.”

And, Kim added, while the prosecution benefits from the “awesome machinery” of the police force, Izzett is relying on personal resources to fight the nine charges of misconduct.


The offences include allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and disposing of notes pertaining to official duties.