Halifax RCMP shot and killed what they say was an aggressive pit bull on Sunday evening after the dog charged at a teenager and later an officer.

The incident happened in Wellington around 6 p.m., when resident John Brown drove back to his Highway No. 2 home from the hospital with his 16-year-old son Cody. Brown needs a wheelchair after having throat and back surgery, and when Cory left the vehicle to grab it, Brown noticed the dog charging at him.

“I hollered as loud as I can holler, ‘Get back in the car,’” Brown said yesterday.

Cody quickly jumped back into the vehicle with the dog just a few feet away, said Brown.

“When my son got out, I was very afraid for him. The dog was big, about an 80-pound dog, and it was very aggressive,” he said. “I mean, the teeth were showing, frothing at the mouth.”

Another brief attempt to leave the vehicle was quickly aborted when the dog charged forward again, Brown said. He added they tried to wait it out, but the dog just stood there watching the passenger door, “growling with its teeth showing.”

Eventually they called 911, and police were able to ward the dog off long enough for the Browns to get inside.

“The dog didn’t leave, it didn’t back down, not once. It just kept being aggressive,” said Brown.

RCMP say the dog did eventually back off, but then came charging back at the officer on scene. The officer fired five shots. The dog ran off and was found dead shortly after by its owner.

Brown said he’s glad he hadn’t been alone and left the car without noticing the dog. He’s also thankful his 10-year-old son wasn’t in the yard playing on his scooter at the time.

The dog belongs to neighbours who live two houses down. Brown said they dropped by yesterday to apologize for what happened and they remain on friendly terms.

CBC reported the dead dog wasn’t a pit bull, but a boxer mastiff, according to its owner.

“They were very apologetic. I mean, I feel bad for the dog. But what happened had to happen,” said Brown. “The dog did not leave, did not back down.”

Halifax RCMP say both they and HRM Animal Control are continuing to investigate the incident.

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