One of Calgary’s veteran police officers has been suspended for a second time, according to reports.

Sources say Travis Dunkle has been suspended by police Chief Rick Hanson without pay for allegedly breaching the terms of his disciplinary sanctions in relation to his last suspension.

In January 2009, Dunkle was charged with impaired driving after a crash. Although he was found not guilty, he was demoted and ordered to take alcohol-addiction counselling.

While Calgary Police Association president John Dooks couldn’t name the officer, he did confirm that a member of the force was suspended Thursday.

“Our role is to support the officer and ensure he’s treated fairly throughout the process,” Dooks said.

“There are two possible outcomes: See if there is a way to reintegrate him back to full duties, or the other option is to force termination.”

Dunkle has had several other high-profile incidents since 2007.

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