‘Road pricing’ among choices for mayor’s panel

Ontario Transportation Minister Jim Bradley quickly dismissed a suggestion from a blue-ribbon panel that the province implement road tolls on 400 series highways in the Toronto area.

“Our government has said — repeatedly — it will not be placing tolls on existing 400-series highways,” Bradley said yesterday.


“Road pricing” is among the tough choices facing the region, according to the panel appointed by Mayor David Miller to review the city’s financial situation. It says tolling the Gardiner, Don Valley Parkway and other highways around Toronto could raise $700 million to improve transit in the region.

The report suggests the city could save $20 million by uploading the cost of maintaining the Gardiner and DVP, but it doesn’t break out how much of the potential toll revenue would go to Toronto

“The idea is to take a ring road around the city and put it in a single entity that you can (turn into) a toll highway that is your entrance to the city,” panel member Larry Tanenbaum told the Star.

“It needs to be seriously considered by all levels of government,” fellow panellist Paul Massara said.

uploading TTC

  • Although the panel also “strongly considered recommending a full uploading of the TTC,” according to its report, members decided it wasn’t practical now.