A staff report to be tabled at Halifax regional council tomorrow night raises some concerns about who can fly our official flag.

A 2007 amendment to the municipality’s administrative orders allows for the reproduction and sale of the blue-and-gold Kingfisher flag — the official flag of HRM.

Before that amendment, residents and business owners had to request formal approval from HRM to fly the flag.

Tomorrow’s staff report warns the 2007 amendment could lead to buildings the municipality might see as unsavory sporting the Kingfisher flag.

“Allowing the public to freely fly the official flag may lead to it being flown at locations that do not promote the values and principals for which the municipality stands,” reads the report.

“Council should be aware that it could be extremely difficult for council to restrain that use.”

The report recommends further amending of the amendment “to more appropriately reflect the intent of the amendments previously passed by council.”

In other words, to give HRM an oversight role on who can and can’t fly the flag.

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