Canadian authorities are applauding news that a convicted double-murderer from Bosnia was deported this week.

Canada Border Services Agency spokesperson Lisa White confirmed Elvir Pobric, 38, was removed from the country on Monday and is now in the custody of authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“I think this shows the dedication and hard work of the CBSA,” White told Metro.

In 1992, Pobric escaped from a Bosnian prison where he was serving 20 years for robbing and killing two men.

“We welcome the news that this murderer has been removed from Canada and is in the hands of the appropriate Bosnian authorities,” Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said in a release.

“Our government remains committed to ensuring our communities are safe, and that Canada does not become a safe haven for fugitives trying to escape justice.”

While Pobric was the subject of an international manhunt, he obtained refugee status in Canada in 1999. Tips from the public led to his arrest in Calgary in May 2009.

“This is good news and one of several high-profile deportations recently,” White added.

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