The province is rejecting the findings of a report that gave poor environmental marks to oilsands producers, with even the best performer barely garnering a passing grade.



Alberta’s oilsands projects aren’t operating with the best available technology because the province isn’t demanding tough environmental regulations, states a report authored by the Pembina Institute and World Wildlife Fund, released yesterday.



But Premier Ed Stelmach told reporters that the province is a leader in environmental concerns and is committed to "aggressively" reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"There has been a lot of work done and a considerable amount in emission reduction by the oilsands companies and I know they’ll continue to work with us," he said.

"One of our three priorities is greening our growth and we are going to continue with that leadership role."

The report studied ten Alberta oilsands ventures and called on the province to set more stringent limits on water use, emissions and impacts on wildlife and public health.

The oil industry said it was not surprised by the findings but it pointd out that some of the equipment is being upgraded every few years.

"Everybody acknowledges there’s work to do but I think they also acknowledge that performance has improved," said Pierre Alvarez, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

with files from Reuters