Security worried about unknown substance



Marc Bence/For Metro Edmonton


Activists Paul Baker, left, and Peter Clyne pour paint over a Kyoto poster yesterday after security at the legislature escorted them from the premises.

A handful of activists taking a stance against Alberta oilsands development had their plans of dumping a mock barrel of oil on a banner at the front steps of the legislature terminated yesterday after a confrontation with the building’s security detail.

Once the five protesters arrived with a blue barrel that had the word "oil" scrawled on it, four armed security guards escorted them from the grounds because they were concerned about the unknown substance inside.

"When you are bringing a substance on the grounds that I am not aware of, I am definitely going to ask you to leave," one officer said.

"We’re not surprised that we were kicked off. Security tends to not like demonstrations that are your typical demonstrations," said activist Denise Ogonoski.

A few blocks away, the group later poured the paint on a pink Kyoto banner to mark the 10th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol agreement it said was destroyed by the provincial and federal governments.

black paint

  • The group, calling itself the Stop Tarsands Operation Permanently, said the substance was black water-based paint.