The spectrum of ivory to chocolate brown creates a space with the eclectic theme of the new and old in Elm Developments’ Portrait Condominium suites in the Bathurst-Sheppard area.

“We thought it would work well with all kinds of things that people would be bringing with them,” says Trevor Kruse, the designer of the suite and principal designer of Hudson Kruse design.

“It has the ability to have a collection and to curate it with this beautiful backdrop.”

The backdrop aims to please its 50 years and older demographic.

“It’s really people that are moving from private residences … and want to move into a bungalow,” says Kruse. “It becomes very much like a house rather than an apartment.”

While the layout of the suite was based on its target market, the inspiration for the visual came from sepia-toned photographs from Japan.

Asian flavour has been infused into the suite through antique carvings in the entry hall and in the bathroom.

The recurring theme of old and new is seen in the kitchen, which has an island and extended-height cabinets with a customized single panel door.

The bedroom offers a contemporary interpretation of a metallic tree that wraps the entire room. It shows a touch of elegance with warmth.

Other features include the bathroom’s natural stone floors, marble countertop with an under-mount sink. It also offers a large terrace with a lot of natural light and an antique dining table.

The price ranges from $190,000 to over $700,000 for suites from 585 to 1,700 square feet.