Old Spice has released a new commercial called "Momsong" that will make you laugh and give you the creeps all at once.

The premise is sad moms mourning the loss of their baby sons to manhood — and the seductive scent of Old Spice is to blame.

The moms join in song as each terrifyingly spies on their teenage boys as they chat with girlfriends and go on dates. What makes it terrifying? Oh, just the fact that the moms are either hiding behind curtains, in the sand, on the back of a custodian or clinging to a moving car while being dragged in laundry basket.

The most bizarre twist, however, comes at the end, when the main mom glides across the floor in some kind of shape-shifting manner back to her spot on the couch. Actually, words can't really do this justice, so just go ahead and watch the video.


The ad was posted by Old Spice on its YouTube channel Friday and it already has more than 1 million views.

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