Roots, blues and country musicians will be ramblin’ on at the Bus Stop Theatre during the first Electrified Old Tyme Music Festival this Friday.

“There are so many talented people in the city who are not getting recognized, and basically, we want to use this as a springboard,” said Laura Merrimen. The local singer-songwriter is among the performers taking part in the inaugural event, which will also feature groups like The Strangeboys, The Moonshine Ramblers and Ryan Cook.

Merrimen came up with the idea with The Moonshine Ramblers’ singer Andrew Sneddon.


Both were scheduled to play a show at the Bus Stop Theatre and were talking about the growing number of groups playing the same type of music as they do.

“We thought it would be kind of nice and just a fun time if we could get them all together and support the movement,” Merriman said.

“We would like to see it grow as the years go on, and have it at the start of every summer.”

Along with musicians, the event will also highlight local painters, photographers and jewelers.

The actual concert will be recorded by an engineer, and a film crew will also document the evening.

“We are excited, because it will be neat to document what is going on, and it will be neat to have that footage down the road,” Merrimen said.

“The other neat thing is that each band will have individual copies of their own shows, and they can use that as a promotional tool as well.”

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