Angela Larose has been coming to Ottawa’s Vintage Clothing Sale for the past six years.

Although she finds something every year, the 17-year-old wouldn’t call herself a collector and has no intention of letting her finds gather dust on shelves.

Digging in her bags for a show and tell, the Ottawa resident holds up a sequined chiffon dress, which she’s considering wearing to her graduation formal next spring, fur mittens with an owl face sewn onto them and a trio of silk scarves.

“This stuff is just fun,” said Larose, who mixes the pieces with more contemporary items.

Thousands of people attended the 25th annual show at the Chateau Laurier yesterday, where fashionistas sifted through racks of coats and dresses, and crowded up to counters full of jewelry, hats, purses and accessories from 1900 to the 1970s.

Big sellers this year are hats and coats, especially team jackets embroidered with names, and accessories like hankies and gloves, said vintage dealer Elizabeth Dukelow.

For Dawn’s Closet shop owner Dawn Quinn, vintage is just as much about being good to the earth as fashion.

“We’re recycling, reusing and reselling,” said Quinn.

While most of the clothing was geared towards women, men scored some finds too.

Omar Montelongo picked up a plaid wool jacket.

“I like the look and the quality is better as well,” said the Ottawa resident, who was also in the market for a vintage suit for his wedding. The history of the items appeals to him as well. “I wonder who might have owned it in the past.”

Jillian Brandon spotted a coat she liked, but took a walk to think on it. It was gone by the time she returned.

“If you love it, buy it, or risk it being gone forever,” she said.

Renée Leduc seemed to subscribe to that motto.

Less than an hour after the show opened, Leduc’s purchases included a short, strapless, embroidered velvet dress with gold appliqué — “for new year’s,” she said — a felted winter coat, and a wood and metal necklace.

Vintage pieces “are more interesting and better quality,” said Leduc. “And you know that there aren’t hundreds of other pieces out there. I know no one else will have that dress.”