TORONTO - Ontario's watchdog is giving the province's problem-plaugued lottery corporation an extension to crack down on questionable insider wins.

Ombudsman Andre Marin posted a message Tuesday on Twitter saying he'll give the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. another 30 days to report back to him on the issue, after setting a six-month deadline in February.

A spokeswoman for Marin says the OLG has been making progress on cracking down on the problem and will get a few more weeks to respond.

In February, Marin said he would ask the province to ban all retailers and lottery insiders from playing unless "rampant fraud" was purged from the system within six months.

The deadline came just days after a sweeping forensic audit revealed lottery insiders in Ontario won prizes totalling $198 million over the past 13 years.

At the time, Marin said he was stunned by the "astronomical" sum and that the OLG still had a problem with dishonest lottery insiders that must be addressed.