Campaign aims to improve diet of British children



Ron BULL/Torstar News Service


Jamie Oliver is trying to improve the diet of British children.


Chef Jamie Oliver donned a latex fat suit to highlight the dangers of junk food, as part of his TV campaign to improve the diet of British children, BBC News Online reports.

He spent four hours in the outfit while filming a promotional trailer for Channel 4, in one scene his trademark scooter “collapsing” under his weight.

He will review progress in the one-off show Jamie’s Return to School Dinners.

He is expected to argue that many of the British government’s promised improvements to school meals have yet to be seen.

Viewers of his program have watched him struggle at times to persuade children to try dishes other than French Fries, burgers and other unhealthy foods.

He delivered a petition to the U.K. government and secured a meeting with Prime Minister Tony Blair, during which he outlined his concerns.

But when he won two Bafta TV Awards in May, Oliver showed his frustration at a perceived lack of progress in his campaign.

He accused successive education ministers of using “the same bloody excuse” — that they had just started in their job — to put off acting on his recommendations.

However, the government responded by maintaining it had “set out a clear timetable for reform.”

There was “no question of us taking our foot off the accelerator,” a spokesman added.

A transmission date for Jamie’s Return to School Dinners has yet to be confirmed but Channel 4 said it was likely to be towards the end of September.