Organizers have added an iconic Punjabi singer, as well as performers from Uganda, Japan and Taiwan, to the Cultural Olympiad lineup for the 2010 Games to showcase the diversity of Canadian culture.

Indian heartthrob Harbhajan Singh Mann is set to lead the Bhangra celebrations at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Feb. 27.

Robert Kerr, program director for the Cultural Olympiad, said South Asian culture is part of Canada, and organizers want to bring arts from that community to the world during the Games.
“It really comes back to one of our core values and objectives of the program, and that’s to showcase the full scope of all the people and the cultures that make up Canada,” Kerr said.

“It’ll be an amazing showcase of music out of the Bhangra scene and the classical Indian music scene.”

Kerr said other performers will include a Taiwanese dance troupe, Japanese Taiko drummers, and a group of orphaned Ugandan youth who will be doing traditional dancing and drumming.