Vancouver is offering 3,000 Winter Olympic street banners to local non-profit organizations to use in support of inner-city initiatives, the city announced yesterday.

Under the program, not-for-profit agencies can submit a one-page summary on how they would use or sell banners to raise funds that the support the Downtown Eastside, Downtown South or Mount Pleasant.

A panel will review the submissions and pick the ones with the greatest potential, said Mayor Gregor Robertson.

“The colour and vitality of the Olympic street banners added to the celebrations on our streets during the Games,” Robertson said.

“We want to add further value to these fabrics through innovative projects that will sell as is or repurpose the banners in support of inner-city projects and services.”

Earlier this year, the city provided UNICEF with thousands of 2010 Winter Games street banners to use to raise money for Haitian earthquake relief. The project raised nearly $200,000.

On Saturday, UNICEF will be in the Salt Building during the city’s Olympic Village Open House to continue that campaign.

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