Re: "OMB approves rezoning of agricultural land:"

Hidden on page 10 of Monday’s edition is one inch of text relating to a story that should be on the front page.

The Ontario Municipal Board, that unelected, developer-loving government body that is hell-bent on promoting GTA urban sprawl, has yet again caved in to developers by approving the rezoning of 2,430 hectares of prime agricultural land in northwest Brampton.


This just confirms the Liberal government’s cynical hypocrisy in regard to the greenbelt and stopping urban sprawl.

When will the McGuinty government uphold its own stated principles and stop urban sprawl?

When will anyone in government realize that they can’t eat the subdivisions that are destroying our agricultural base?

And when will someone discover democracy and end the arbitrary decisions of the unelected, unaccountable OMB?

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