Q: Jill, is it the worst move possible to not attend your office holiday party? I’m on the fence about attending.



A: The social butterfly in me says you should attend. The office holiday party is still a professional affair. It’s at these events that interpersonal relationships are strengthened, future projects are discussed, alliances are built, and networking, which can potentially lead to brighter days, begins to blossom. It doesn’t matter whether you’re gabbing with the CEO or smiling through the junior colleague’s jokes, attending, besides proving to be a festive team player, is an important part of your commitment to upholding the corporate culture of your office.



Jill Andrew CYW, BA (Hons.), BEd, MA '08 is an award-winning journalist and educator with additional expertise in the performing arts, public speaking, PR, media literacy/awareness, fundraising and entrepreneurship.


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