You sell yourself in the office and on job interviews. Why not sell yourself on a date? Using sales techniques while courting could lead to a love match, one expert says.

“Everybody sells everywhere and people shouldn’t shy away from that, even on dates,” says Bill Byron Concevitch, author of Counter-Intuitive Selling: Mastering The Art Of The Unexpected.

Concevitch says he used his own advice to woo his wife of seven years. The two carried on a four-month relationship through e-mails and telephone calls before meeting face-to-face.


“I’ve probably been more successful personally once I understood how these selling tips applied to my life,” he says. His advice:

  • Don’t oversell: Don’t pack too much about yourself into the first date or first virtual introduction. You risk sounding self-absorbed.

  • Use a “rolling-thunder” campaign: Sprinkle information about yourself through a series of e-mails or dates to build the relationship.

  • Provide proof: Don’t declare your credentials. Instead, tell a story that shows who you are as a person.

  • Underpromise and overdeliver: Don’t set yourself up for failure by making promises you can’t keep.