Gift possibilities for car enthusiasts are endless.


Christmas gifts for loved ones are not easy to find, year after year. In the coming weeks, malls and shopping centres will be full of desperate shoppers searching for original and exciting presents.

However, those shoppers could be hunting in the wrong place. They should have a look at the car — the possibilities are endless:

  • Car wash, wax polish, buffing cloths, glass cleaner, and air fresheners.

  • In-car safety box, including first aid kit, warning triangle, etc.

  • Blanket for cold weather, and equally useful for picnics in summer.

  • New car mats and seat/steering wheel cover.

  • Roof-rack or roof-mounted carrier — useful for those who regularly transport bicycles.

  • Steering wheel lock.

  • Manufacturer merchandise: Most automakers produce their own ranges, which can include everything from pens and watches to T-shirts and umbrellas. Check a dealer showroom for ideas.

  • CDs to feed in-car stereo systems or a portable satellite-navigation system to keep things on track.

  • Alloy wheels and body repair kits.

  • A new set of spark plugs, a tool box, or a workshop manual.

personalized licence plates:

  • Those planning to spend a little more could invest in a personalized licence plate. A personalized plate is a superb idea for a Christmas gift. You may wish to pay for someone else to buy one, or, alternatively, why not simply treat yourself?