An American Airlines flight that was supposed to fly across the Atlantic last night instead made an emergency landing in Halifax after a fire broke out aboard the plane.

Halifax International Airport Authority spokesman Peter Spurway said all 210 passengers travelling on Flight 64 are fine, although paramedics examined one “young lady.”

“We had initially received a report that she was going to hospital but she did not,” Spurway said last night. “The passengers right now are in customs, but it will be up to the airline as to what they’re going to do with them.”


American Airlines representatives could not be reached last night for comment on the redirected Zurich-bound flight, which took off from New York's JFK International Airport.

Spurway said a fire in the ceiling fan of a mid-cabin washroom provoked the emergency landing, but he couldn’t comment on the seriousness.

He said the unscheduled stop caused a “minor disruption” for other flights.

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