Sewing helps Josh Homme control temper



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Queens Of The Stone Age is currently touring Canada in support of Era Vulgaris.


After a brief exchange with Metro, Josh Homme ended up being one Queen who was definitely not amused.

One could argue it was just par for the course with the Queens Of The Stone Age front man and occasional Eagles Of Death Metal drummer, who exasperatedly hung up during an interview suffering from a dicey phone connection before a recent “secret” gig in Toronto to promote Era Vulgaris, the Queens’ latest release. But Homme’s (pronounced Mommy) short fuse is legendary, and has gotten him into trouble in the past: He is serving three years probation — which included 60 days of anger management and residential rehab — after pleading no contest to two counts of battery on Blag Dahlia, lead singer of punk band The Dwarves.

Homme’s reluctant to speak on the subject but he confirms he’s taken up sewing to control his temper.

“Yes it’s working,” he snaps. “Next question.”

Homme’s temper or mental state may even determine the quality of his work. Era Vulgaris was recorded with great focus, current Queen Troy van Leeuwen said in a Suicide Girls’ online piece. Compare that with 2005’s Lullabies To Paralyze, labeled by many critics to be the prog-metal group’s only turkey. That same year, Homme suffered a collapse in Germany during a tour with Nine Inch Nails after enduring bronchitis and taking Vicodin for knee surgery. A year before that, Homme ejected bassist Nick Oliveri from the band (the rumours for which vary from allegations of Oliveri physically abusing his girlfriend to partying too much on tour).

“I had kicked Nick out of the band and I was going through a rough time, so why would I expect anyone to understand the headspace I was in, huh?” he asks.

Let’s hope Homme can keep from Hulking out over the next little while: He says he’s planning to start recording and producing volumes 11 and 12 of his Desert Sessions’ side project in December (after which he drops a loud, prolonged F-bomb into the phone because he’s had to repeat his answer a couple of times due to the connection), and he’s leading his Queens through the Canadian leg of their tour which ends Sept. 1 in Vancouver. In the meantime, is there any chance we’ll see Oliveri rejoin the group ever again?

“Nope,” he says through a humourless, rage-suppressing laugh. “Not a prayer. Not at all.”