If anything kept him awake at night, says David Gerofsky, it was an overwhelming sense of ­responsibility.

“This is a larger than life project, and there were a lot of expectations. So we had to do it right the first time,” said Gerofsky, president of the Great Gulf Group of Companies.

Gerofsky is talking about One Bloor. The mixed-use project at the intersection of Yonge Street has been the site of controversy since the original developer, Bazis International, became a poster child of the global economic meltdown last year.

“There is only one Yonge and Bloor. It’s not just the most important corner in the city, it’s probably the most important corner in the country,” said Gerofsky in an exclusive interview with Torstar.

Gerofsky talked about his company’s plans for the hotly anticipated project, and how he expects it will transform the city.

New renderings show how the 65-storey mixed-use building will relate to the intersection once it is completed — now estimated to be Christmas 2014.

The bold, futuristic building will feature undulating, organic curves designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects. The design is striking: More fluid and prettier than the original tower plans, but perhaps destined to create its own sense of controversy on whether it fits into the landscape.

Interiors are by Toronto firm Cecconi Simone Inc., known for its cutting-edge style. Outdoor landscaping is by Janet Rosenberg, one of Canada’s foremost landscape architects.

“We knew we had to get the design right — this had to be an iconic and special place,” said Gerofsky. “This will be the most luxurious building in the city. We are sparing no expense.”

The most immediate impact at the pedestrian level is that instead of a hotel as originally planned, pedestrians will be met by 100,000 square feet of retail space. Gerofsky said he has not yet rented the retail space, but sources say Apple Canada may be one candidate anxious to find a spot on pricey Bloor Street.

Amenities on the sixth and seventh floors will be extensive, with 27,000 square feet of space just for residents.

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