ROTTERDAM, Netherlands - A man pulled a gun in a crowded Dutch cafe
early Saturday and opened fire on patrons inside, then rushed outside
to shoot at passers-by, killing one person and wounding three others,
police said.

People overpowered the gunman outside the cafe in
the port of Rotterdam, wrestling him to the ground and holding him
until police arrived, a spokesman said.


He said the motive for the shooting was unclear, but
it may have begun with a quarrel in the cafe, where a talent contest
was under way and there was loud music.

One person was wounded inside and three people were hit on the street, one fatally, the spokesman said.

The incident happened just before 1 a.m. The square outside was unusually busy because of the warm spring weather.

Police said the man was a 46-year-old Rotterdam
resident but gave no further details. The victims also were not
immediately identified.

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