Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean to the West, and the United Kingdom to the East, Ireland is a very special place to take a holiday.

The spectacular landscape, which ranges from the jagged mountains and sandy pearl beaches of the coast to the emerald inland vegetation and its fantastically friendly people, are part of what make Ireland one of Europe’s most beautiful islands. Here’s the top five must see and do’s.

Oysters in Galway
Situated on the west coast Ireland, Galway is home to the world’s tastiest aphrodisiac — the oyster. The Irish equivalent to sushi and champagne, little beats a night of cracking open fresh oysters followed by a pint of creamy Guinness. The best place in the area is Kelly Galway’s oysters in Kilcolgan (

Horseriding in Connemara
Connemara’s striking landscape of rugged mountains, cobalt blue sea and jade green esplanades is best admired on horseback. Trot or gallop your way along the Connemara Trail (, which follows the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean.

Guinness in Dublin
The main factory of Ireland’s pride and joy — the Guinness Storehouse ( in Dublin provides a good starting point to a cheerful holiday. A visit covers the basics of stout beer making followed by the serious task of tasting. Dublin alone is worth putting your pint down for.

Gaelic paradise in Donegal
Thanks to the feisty waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful stretches of beach, the areas around Donegal are ideal for water sports. Bundoran is a gem for those seeking great surfing. Whilst not exactly your typical ‘surfer’s paradise’, the mystical atmosphere, amazing wave and swell quality and reefs all add up to create the perfect surf stop.

Gaelic culture in the Aran Islands

The Aran Islands, clustered at the mouth of Galway Bay are an ideal day trip there is a frequent — and pleasant- shuttle service by ferry departing from Rossaveal Harbour. The three islands — Inish Mor, Inis Meáin and Inis Oírr are “Gaeltachts” (Irish-speaking) and strongly instilled with Irish culture. The largest, Inish Mor, is peppered with historical monuments dating back to the Bronze Age and Inis Meáin is where the famous wooly Aran Jumpers are produced.

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