Toronto’s Board of Health has voted in favour of reducing the maximum time motorists can idle their motors without risking a $125 fine to just one minute.

But board members and others hoping city council will adopt the recommendation worry the 60-second limit will add up to hot air.

Busy police officers and city transportation staff ding only an average of 76 motorists a year for breaking the current three-minute limit, compared to millions of tickets written by parking enforcement officers for other infractions.

So the board adopted a suggestion from Coun. Howard Moscoe, urging council to ask the province to amend legislation so parking enforcement can issue idling tickets and hold regular blitzes.

The recommended changes would erase exemptions letting motorists off the hook when the temperature is less than 5 C or more than 27 C, and replace a clause that allows TTC vehicles to idle for up to 15 minutes with one that says transit vehicles can only run while stopped for “an identified need.”

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