Another stingray died yesterday and two more remain under close observation at the Calgary Zoo.

Zoo spokesperson Laurie Herron told Metro the ray keeper was concerned about one of the nine remaining rays, and unfortunately it wasn’t able to recover. The latest death brings the toll to 35.

“He said there are two other rays that may not make it. They aren’t doing too well,” the somber Herron said.


Water results were expected back last night, but Herron and the zoo believe there was a sudden and toxic change in the water.

“Whether it was deliberate or accidental, we don’t know yet, but we know there was a sudden change in the water climate to kill that many rays so suddenly.”

The majority of the zoo’s rays started acting erratically on Sunday and within two hours 26 of them had died, with another eight dying on Monday.

The toxicology results aren’t expected back for two weeks.

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