Ontario’s Catholic schools will have to teach sex education like any other public school, despite reports that bureaucrats were willing to let Catholics develop their own watered-down version of the controversial curriculum, Premier Dalton McGuinty insisted yesterday.

“I don’t distinguish between two school systems when it comes to our curriculum,” he said, almost a week after shelving the explosive sex-ed program that included lessons on masturbation and anal sex.

“God love them, but we have a single curriculum when it comes to mathematics, when it comes to history, when it comes to world studies and when it comes to sexual education, and we’ll find a way so that it suits all our children.”

But some Catholic groups tell a different story. They say officials were drafting their own version of the curriculum — with the full knowledge of the Education Ministry — that would have deviated significantly from the one the province developed.

For example, homosexuality wouldn’t be taught in separate schools until Grades 7 and 8, instead of Grade 3.

Outrage over the controversial sex ed lessons grew so loud that McGuinty abruptly dropped the program last Thursday, even as his ministers were still defending it in the legislature.

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