A one-stop centre to tackle domestic violence is being considered for the Peel region.

Based on an innovative model first tried successfully in San Diego, Brampton may be home to the first such facility in the Toronto area.

It should be open by next summer, said Shelina Jeshani, co-ordinator for the Family Justice/Child Advocacy Planning Committee, which consists of 14 agencies, including Peel Regional Police and the Crown.

Jeshani has travelled to see other centres and done dozens of interviews with victims and the agencies serving them.

In one interview, a woman told her how she finally mustered the courage to call police on her abusive husband. But afterwards at a counselling centre, she was simply handed a list of a dozen places to go for help.

“It’s a nightmare for women,” said Jeshani. “In many cases, they end up back with their abusive partner.”

Many women who leave violent partners have no financial independence and are not even able to pay for transportation.

Jeshani has identified 18 different agencies that battered women need to go to for help in Peel. The hope is that most of them will come on board this project.

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