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OneRepublic plays the Mod Club tonight.

Working side-by-side with producer, composer and rapper Timbaland on hit single Apologize boosted OneRepublic’s popularity and fame so fast it nearly knocked the band’s members off their feet.

Now the pop-rock group is trying to catch up to the success of the massive single that focuses on a relationship gone so bad, an apology won’t be enough to fix things. Apologize has dominated radio airwaves and singles charts everywhere.

“It is a whirlwind actually. It is crazy — Timbaland set us up for success around the world, basically within a matter of a few months,” bass and cello player Brent Kutzle told Metro.

“As a non-touring band at that time, we had to just step it up and just tour, tour, tour. We had to catch up with the single. It’s been No. 1 everywhere in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, even in South Africa. And we haven’t been to those places yet.”

The band, which also includes Ryan Tedder (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Zach Filkins (guitar, backing vocals), Drew Brown (guitar), and Eddie Fisher (drums), was a MySpace darling even before its debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, was released last November.

Kutzle said Timbaland worked with Tedder about six years ago while Tedder was working on some solo stuff. After producing some other artists with the rapper, Tedder decided he wanted something more than just a solo project and hence started OneRepublic.

“(Timbaland) knows exactly what he wants, he knows exactly what he hears, he’s in his own world for sure,” continues Kutzle. “He basically took the remix and pretty much left the format and the structure the same. He just basically stripped it of the drums and strings and did his own thing with incorporating the beat-boxing and synthesizers and stuff.”

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