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Only in Canada: Man returns lost bag of $13,000 cash

This week in Canada: A man returns a $13,000 bag of cash and a Vancouver woman looks for less than beautiful bridesmaids.

Every week, our friends across the border at Metro Canada send us some of their most intriguing stories. Read on – and click through – to hear about the most sharable news from the Great White North.

1. Good Samaritan returns $13,000 found on side of road

To Halifax, where the streets are paved with loonies: 13,000 of them to be precise. An anonymous man returned a satchel full of bills to the police, lost by a man on the way to purchase a tractor. "Perhaps the most surprising part of this story is that it doesn’t seem to be surprising at all. In fact, it seems as though people in Halifax are especially honest," writes reporter Braedon Clark. It's unclear whether they were all dollar coins.

2. Vancouver bride wants 'not too attractive' bridesmaids
wedding, bride, weight loss Credit: ThinkStock


Meanwhile, on the exact opposite site of the country, an ad on Vancouver Craigslist is looking to pay you to be a bridesmaid. "Must be a good liar and actor" is one of the requirements, as well as "Must be attractive, but not too attractive." There's a perfectly valid, although odd, reason why in the story. And if you're counting, $13,000 pay for a bridesmaid for over 21 months.

3. Send in the clowns: It's time for Rob Ford

Rob Ford loses his umbrella in a storm.  Rene Johnston/Toronto Star Rob Ford loses his umbrella in a storm. Rene Johnston/Toronto Star

Finally, if you want the perfect soundtrack to all the news on Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford, there's a new browser extension you can download that plays circus music whenever you read about him. The plugin "becomes grating after a while." And, speaking as a Torontonian, so does the mayor. Here's a preview:

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